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   NyaLi is the effervescent stage persona that Singaporean songbird Enya Lim assumes in performance. She credits Disney animations for her childhood induction to music. Having began classical piano lessons at four years old, Enya gradually made the shift into singing: first in choirs, and eventually exploring various other configurations featuring vocals from duos to bands to a cappella groups. She stumbled upon the jazz genre during her National University of Singapore (NUS) days, where she graduated with a B.A. Soc. Sc majoring in Political Science. Raised in the sweltering tropics where it is perennial deep summer, Enya nearly froze to death confronted by a forty degree temperature difference on initially moving to Boston, where she attended and attained her BMus. from Berklee College of Music (2016), graduating magna cum laude with a major in Vocal Performance/ minor in Music Technology.


  1. Singer-songwriter
    A late bloomer in songwriting, NyaLi began transforming her melodies into more than quickly forgotten ideas while midway through Berklee. Her writing is personable and whimsical, sharing first hand ruminations on her observations of places, humanity, and love: she strongly believes that unique personal experience contains universal threads we can all relate to as fellow beings. Her current sound is reminiscent of earlier Norah Jones and clearly influenced by the likes of Ingrid Michaelson and Erykah Badu - it is loosely describable as soulful indie pop. Summer 2017 saw the culmination of a season's labor manifest in YOUR OWN, NyaLi's debut EP comprising 3 whimsical tunes that bare vulnerability, but also resolve - launched across digital platforms in May, and supported by release shows in Boston MA, as well as in NyaLi's native Singapore. The second half of NyaLi's 2018 schedule is filling up in an unexpected but exciting fashion - be sure to check in & say hi if you are anywhere near in the world ;)

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  2. Studio work/performing
    Studio work/performing
    Enya is seasoned with both studio and live performance vocals, and comfortable singing lead and background parts. Some performance career highlights: -Lead and background vocals, The Music of Wang Lee Hom Berklee Signature Series concert featuring named Taiwanese pop icon, Boston Symphony Orchestra Hall (BSO), Nov 2016 -Core chorus singer, Imagination Off the Charts, 200 piece orchestra concert featuring 2017 double Grammy award winner and YouTube music sensation Jacob Collier, MIT's Kresge Auditorium, Dec 2016 -Between 12 Waters album release shows, Turkish singer songwriter Alper Tuzcu's debut release, Summer, Fall 2016, and Fall 2017 at Goethe Institute, Cambridge Arts Center, and Boston University respectively -Boston Japan Fest, April 2017 -Newport Folk Festival Gospel ensemble, Summer 2016 and 2017 -Lead Vocalist, The Jacob Ijlst band Project, the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge MA, Fall 2017 -Background studio vocals, self-titled debut album of Colombian Latina composer and singer Alea, nominated finalist for John Lennon songwriting contest, Fall 2016 -Core vocalist for Songs Children Sing online library catalogue - http://songschildrensing.com/ - audio catalogue of the late Aline Shader’s compositions for children.

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Enya soared through her vocal performance program at Berklee, and is more than happy to share her technical knowledge and personal practices as far as singing and utilizing the voice go.

She believes in a holistic approach that respects both the physiology and mentality - this varies from person to person - that optimal singing requires. Her experience with styles ranges from contemporary pop to jazz and musical theatre, and her commitment to breath support is absolute.

Enya is available for beginner to intermediate music theory and or voice and or piano lessons, as well as stage performance coaching and audition prep - she is based in New York and seasonally in Singapore, but also happily offers video lessons via Skype. Do drop a note using the contact form tab for rates and other enquiries :)